Monday, April 25, 2016

Update and Quest for Medical and Mental Health Care for Cornelius

An update on Cornelius:

Cornelius was able to make 2 short calls to his outside support. He has been locked up on "suicide watch" since 2 months. Cornelius has been eating for a couple days now. He cut 2 arteries and the captain order for 2 tourniquets to be put on him he said his hands are paralyzed. They will not give him medical treatment. 

Also he's been asking for mental health  treatment; they have not given him that. He said this solitary confinement is really getting to his head.

What you can do:

1) call or write to the warden and politely but insistently ask for the warden to see to it that Cornelius gets mental health AND medical treatment. Refer to Cornelius as "Cornelius Harris, ##99779-555":


Warden T.K Cozza-Rhodes
Email: FLP/
Phone: 7197849454

North regional director email:
Phone: 9136213939

Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons 
Name: Thomas R. Kane
Phone : 2023073198

2) Write to Cornelius himself, to show him and the prison that the outside world cares and knows about his plight:

Cornelius Harris #99779-555
USP Florence - High
P.O. BOX 7000


Thank you!