Friday, March 4, 2016

Press Release: URGENT APPEAL for HELP, Support for Cornelius Harris

Press Release: URGENT APPEAL for HELP, Support for Cornelius Harris
March 4th, 2016

On Feb, 17th 2016 Ohio State prisoner Cornelius Harris, held in USP Florence-High security prison in an unwanted out-of-state transfer, refused his first meal at breakfast and every meal thereafter, until he will be transferred back to Ohio.

Cornelius is now after 16 days experiencing sharp pains in his kidneys and chest. His breathing is getting weak and his heart is slowing down. He has has no medical attention. They took all his belongings including his legal material in which he needs for his cases. He doesn't know how much longer he has but time is ticking. 

His reasons for this radical action that takes his health is because this is the only peaceful way he can try to be heard for the following reasons:

Cornelius cannot pursue fighting his legal case while he is out-of-state in the federal system. His Due Process of Law Rights is being violated.

Cornelius has been locked up in solitary confinement for years on end and now in the federal system with the threat they may move him to the federal admax (ADX), a prison that is considered one of the worst in the country in terms of isolating prisoners and making it extremely difficult for prisoners to be heard, let alone fight their legal cases, is just adding psychological torture.

About Cornelius:
Cornelius Harris is a 33 year-old prisoner from Ohio who was transferred last year from the Ohio state prison system to the Federal prison system unwillingly, because he struggled strongly against being oppressed. He has been on several longer hungerstrikes, and he was also transferred unwillingly to Maryland, where he was treated very badly, even tortured for days on end in restraining chairs.

Cornelius needs justice, support, education, programs with content, a future! Cornelius' life matters to us!

What can you do to help?
PLEASE call the North Regional Director of the Bureau of Prisons, and politely tell them you are calling out of concern for Cornelius Harris, inmate nr #99779-555, who has been refusing food since February 17th, and that you ask the Director to return Cornelius to Ohio State Prison System as soon as possible.

North regional director email:

Phone: 9136213939

Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons
Name: Thomas R. Kane
Phone : 2023073198

Warden T.K Cozza-Rhodes
Email: FLP/
Phone: 7197849454

Finally PLEASE write to Cornelius and show him your support:

Cornelius Harris #99779-555
USP Florence – High
P.O. BOX 7000

We, Cornelius' friends and supporters, have a weblog for Cornelius at: