Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hunger Strike Days: 65+

Yesterday, July 5th, Cornelius called and he told us this: he is still on hungerstrike, being around the 65th day, but he also receives fluids like yello, gatorade, broth. He was allowed a phonecall in return for eating a little bit. He is very thin of course.

Cornelius is still in gridlock about the issues for his hunger strike, which he began when he was locked up in Maryland in a "hypermax," where the employees threw away all his belongings, including photos, legal documents. In MD they also held him in restraints for 7 days!

Here are the main issues:

- Cornelius wants a reasonable step-down program from level 5 security to 4 in Ohio. In level 5 people remain there pretty much forever and there is really no move towards a lower level of security (solitary confinement forever) unless one demands it.
Just like deathrow prisoners and lifers from the 1993 Lucasville prison uprising, Cornelius is stuck on level 5. He needs a reasonable step-down program to be able to go down a level and have the torture of indefinite solitary confinement stopped.

- Cornelius refuses to be around specific officers. We support his principled stance. Officers have to be educated in human dignity and rights, and they have to be taught that those fellow human beings they keep locked up are that: fellow human beings.

- Cornelius wants to be allowed to re-order the property that was destroyed by MD officers. It is reasonable to allow this, since Cornelius is not asking ODRC to replace the missing items, only that his family can re-order them.

Cornelius is still in the hospital but he expects he will be returned to OH State Penitentiary sooner or later. The hospital has told him he has to negotiate with OSP.

Cornelius thanks everyone who has reached out to him, who has written to him and/or called the prison hospital. He WILL respond when he is allowed by ODRC to receive writing materials and stamps!

Cornelius has not received Jpays at the FMC, maybe these are sent to OSP. His physical address at OSP is:

Cornelius Harris #525945
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd,
Youngstown, OH 44505

Love and Solidarity!
Cornelius' Support team