Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Birthed and Hated
Raised and Despised
Poked and Feared
Accused and Tried
Locked up and Forgot about
April 2014, ©Cornelius Harris

I Do

Do you know how it feel to hate another man? I do.
And you would to if you went through some of the things that I been through.
Stepped on walked on disrespected and connived on.
Spit on, pissed on, shitted on and lied on.
Would you hate a man if he called you nigger and piece of shit every time he walks pass your cell?
Spit in your food then tell you to spell his name right when you write it up and tell?
And we aint talked about him throwing away your incoming and out-going mail.
And the destruction he do to your personal property when he shake down your cell.
Calling your family members niggers as he rip up your pictures right there in you face.
Handcuffs squeezing your wrist, shackles on your ankles restraining your anger, keeping you right there in your place.
Aint no sense in complaining, wont nobody hear you if you scream and yell.
Everything that bring you comfort in this hell, is broke and ripped up on the floor when the pig leave your cell.
And this aint even part of the struggle, this is only the process.
Every day you live without being tormented, or humiliated is a process.
Handcuffed and shackled as six cowards pigs beat you to a pulp, while yelling “stop resisting”- the ordeal.
Broken up, battered and bruised and tossed into a dark and cold cell until the wounds can heal.
When the coward pig decide to release you from your concentrated thoughts, only one kind of man will emerge from that tomb.
A broken, submissive, and forgiving man, or a Soja with revenge in his heart ready and willing to retaliate for the pain of his wounds.
These are the types of cowards who hold the keys to a condemned mans life.
These are the type of cowards who are the representatives of the stars and strips.
Do you know how it feel to hate a man now? I DO.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Many kinds of Love

…..Many kinds of Love……
     Embraced in the matter of ones unconditional understanding of what sits in the heart, mind and actions.
Love can be something of mutual satisfaction, or the twisted thoughts of ones fatal attraction.
New love causes the heart to skip a beat, and butterflies to wallow up in the belly.
Fresh love is the kind of love that gives youth to an old soul, and make old folks act foolish and silly.
Old love is the love that has gone on a long journey, but still seem to have found its way.
This is the love that look at every struggle as a time to fight, and love to die another day.
Brotherly love is what you feel for a friend or comrade, who has proven themselves worthy.
Revolutionary love is, a love that is shared by the oppressed worldly.
I love you, and I love you too is either a lie or a confession.
Much love, and love always, is only a expression.
Love have many meanings for those who find love, these are just a few examples of the many kinds of love.

Broken Heart

The feeling that I'm feeling, is the feelings of a broken heart.
And trying to work it out is like trying to repair it with a broken part.
Will it ever drop and get kicked around in the dirt again?
I need a heart, because without a heart its just a hole. And the heart is the device that pumps love to the soul.
I don't want to be heartless man living life without love.
Because a man without love, is a man holding a grudge.
With a broken heart relationships will never be the same.
And if you ever try to love again, you will only feel the pain.
And the shame from the time when your heart got broke.
And the feeling is the same like when you cant stop choking.
On a love you thought was ment for you, before it all fell apart.
Time will tell, if time can heal the wounds to a Broken heart.